Eggless Vanilla Ice-Cream

WaterMark_2018-03-09-17-27-27This is an egg less and very easy recipe that requires just a handful of ingredients and gives a delicious, creamy and rich ice cream.
With the summers approaching, make this ice cream and enjoy with your family. You could also use this as a base recipe and add in nuts, chocolate chips or fruit puree to make so many more flavors.


Whipping Cream 1 cup
Condense milkĀ  3/4th cup
Milk 1 cup
Milk Powder 1/4th cup
Vanilla extract 1 tbsp
Salt a pinch


1. Add milk powder to the milk and let it boil. Simmer for a minute, stirring continuously. Remove inĀ  a bowl and cool completely.

2. Whip the heavy cream till soft peaks form. Add in the Condense milk, vanilla extract, salt and milk mixture. Beat till stiff peaks.WaterMark_2018-03-09-17-23-25

3. Transfer to an airtight container and freeze for 8 to 10 hours.WaterMark_2018-03-09-17-24-47.JPG
1. I used non dairy whipping cream. You can use dairy cream as well.

2. Adjust the sweetness by increasing or decreasing the quantity of con dense milk but please do not add sugar.WaterMark_2018-03-09-17-26-48

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