Flaxseed Whole Wheat Bread

A quick yet soft and delicious whole wheat bread with flaxseeds. Perfect bread for a toast or a sandwich.


Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Bored of the regular garlic bread?? Then, just try these.. These little buttery fluffy pillows of heaven called Cheddar Bay Biscuits are just awesome. They are flakey, coated in garlic butter and oh so soft. Just season them with some oregano and thyme and serve warm. They can be served as a party snack or…

Homemade Tava Garlic Naan

These Naan are made on the tava without any hassle . Try these soft naans with any creamy,rich curry and thank me later! If you want you can skip out the garlic and just make plain naan and brush with butter or top it with sesame seeds or even stuff them if you wish. The…

Focaccia- The Italian Flat Bread

It’s an Italian flat bread with is has a crunchy crust and soft centre. It is usually spiced with dried herbs, loads of olive oil, vegetables of choice and cheese. I love making this bread as it’s a one pan dish excellent as a whole meal served with soup or a thick creamy shake or…

Banana Bread with Wheat Flour

This recipe is healthy made with wheat flour and yields a soft and moist bread. If you like sweeter bread add more honey or brown sugar and if you want less sweet you can omit the honey.