Vanilla Panacotta With Mango Coulis

A silky smooth Italian dessert paired with the king of fruits.


Bakery Style Nankhatai

Authentic Bakery Style Indian Biscuits that are Delicious,
Rich, Flaky and just Melt in the Mouth.


A vanilla sponge flavored with saffron ,almond and cardamom. To have that amazing rasmalai flavor, I have soaked the layers in rasmalai milk , frosted the cake with almond and cardamom flavored whipped cream and decorated with pistachios, rose petals and rasmalai.

Thandai And Rose Flavored Eggless Sponge Cake

This is a super easy sponge cake but tastes so fresh and delicious. Rose and thandai are an awesome combo. Try this one out this Holi and I’m sure everyone will love it. I added colors to give that holi effect. You could bake it without that or fold in nuts of your choice in…

Easy To Make Fudgy Brownie Recipe

I think every time I mention this brownie, I have to mention that’s its the best I have ever had and so fudgy. I always like them to have a crinkled crust and chewy center and this recipe just gives me perfect result all the time. Usually you have to melt chocolates in a bowl…

Vanilla Panna Cotta With Strawberry Coulis

It’s rich, creamy and delicious. A great option to serve your guests and impress everyone, Panna Cotta is a thick creamy custard set using agar agar or gelatin and is generally serves with a fruit coulis to give it the required tanginess. A stylish name, an easy recipe and an awesome looking dessert. Ingredients: 4…

Quintessential Winter Dessert – Peanut Chikki

So here is the recipe for the chikki. Here I have used peanuts but you could use black or white sesame seeds or other dry fruits or a combination of any of the above with jaggery to make the chikki. There are two main things you have to keep in mind while making chikki: First…

Custard Flavoured Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi falooda is a gorgeous and delicious dessert. It tastes as great as it looks. I make a lot of kulfi like malai, Kesar Badam or pista but this time tried a different combination and everyone loved it. So here’s the recipe of custard tutti fruti kulfi with rose flavoured falooda and topped with basil…